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Welcome to the world of IDNs!
An IDN is an internationalized domain name. A domain name that includes non-ASCII characters. For example - ÄbÇdÊ.info

IDNs are available for registration now. You can get your own .INFO IDN by contacting an authorized Registrar. 

Feel free to go through this site to learn more about IDNs as well as find out about exciting developments in the world of IDNs.



What is an IDN?
"IDN" is the acronym for: Internationalized Domain Names. IDNs are domain/host names that are represented by non-ASCII characters. The native language domain name is followed by the Top Level Domain (TLD), such as .info or .org. An example is: mü


Why should I get an IDN?

Majority of the world speaks a language other than English. You can use characters from your native language to form your own domain name. Your own name in your own language!


How do IDNs work?
When a browser sees a non-ASCII character host/domain name in its location bar, or a URL with a non-ASCII domain part embedded in a web page, the application converts the non-ASCII characters into Punycode using only the standard ASCII subset characters.

Punycode is required because only a subset of ASCII characters can be used in URL/URI at the network protocol level, even with the introduction of IDNs. (This requirement is defined in RFC 3490 and states characters used in IDNs must be drawn from Unicode Standard 3.2.)

How do IDNs work?


What is punycode?

Punycode is a computer encoding syntax which can be used to convert  a unicode string of characters into an ASCII Compatible Encoding (ACE) which is  allowed in host name labels (letters, digits, and hyphens).

Use our punycode converter to convert your IDN.


How do I get my own IDN?

Getting your own IDN is easy! Contact one of the authorized Registrars here to get your own .info IDN today!


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